• Cherished Number Plate


    OO08 TOW – currently on retention, ideal for any recovery vehicle/service van from 2008 onwards.

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  • Portable Power 1800 Rapid Charge Jump Starter

    £259 + VAT (From)

    Tow Truck Trader are pleased to be an authorised dealer for Portable Power Limited. The simple, clean design of the 1800 Rapid Charge looks great, is tough and robust, with no cheap gimmicks. The 1800 Rapid Charge is designed as a professional jump starter. Using only high quality parts and materials – with this attention to detail and less to go wrong the 1800 Rapid Charge is incredibly reliable, easy to store, carry use. The 1800 Rapid Charge comes with a high rated powerful battery, which combined with the internal circuitry, produces 1800 Peak Amps starting power. The 1800 Rapid Charge does what it is designed to do – it powerfully starts engines time and time again.

    Full 24 months parts and labour warranty from date of purchase.

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  • Sparex Connix LED 12v wireless trailer lights

    £85 + VAT + Carriage

    Magnetic mount, 20m range, 10 hours battery time at full charge. CanBus friendly. In stock now.

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  • Unused MFC Survival STAKJAK KSM11 High Pressure Mats (Sold in Pairs)

    £450 + VAT Per Set

    2x 11 ton capacity high pressure mats, 15cm lift each – can be safely stacked on top of each other (max 3 high). complete with carry case. Ideal for use with heavy underlifts and numerous other applications. They have a built in pressure relief valve – easily inflated off an airline with a tap. Unused condition.

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  • Self-Adhesive Accident Wrap (Roll)

    £16 + VAT & Carriage

    To seal broken glass areas and door cracks after an accident. Protects the inside of the vehicle against rain and dirt and the pursuing traffic against insecure vehicle parts. Doesn’t leave any adhesive marks on glass, metal or synthetic material when removed. (0.6 wide x 10m). A product of the ProLux range.

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  • Clean Set Kits

    £65 + VAT & Carriage

    Clean set to prevent vehicle interiors from getting dirty. (Quantity 100 sets).


    1 Seat Cover

    1 Paperplast Footmat

    1 Steering Wheel Cover

    1 Gear Knob Cover

    1 Handbrake Cover

    A product of the ProLux range.

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  • Axle Cap Set with Spacer Rings and Washers

    £395 + VAT & Carriage

    Complete set with a pair each of all of our axle caps, including pressure distributing washers and an oil collecting tray for the axle drive. Further development of our existing set. Axle caps also fit newer rear axles! A product of the ProLux range.

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  • Slippery Jims (4 pcs.)

    £80 + VAT & Carriage

    Tow skates are ideal for loading and unloading vehicles with blocked wheels. The skates can be placed under the tyre by hitting them with a rubber mallet or vehicle is simply pulled onto the skates via the winch. Wide design for smooth sliding of the vehicles. Choice of Red or Neon Yellow. A product of the ProLux range.

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  • Spreader Bar BTA-A

    £585 + VAT & Carriage

    Extendable aluminium spreader bar with 3000 kg rating. Can extend from 2 m to 3.3 m in three steps on each side. This makes damage-free lifting of wide vehicles possible. Two handles and only 22 kg weight allow easy handling. Delivered with shackles and round slings. **Wheel straps also available at extra cost** A product of the ProLux range.

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  • Lifting Console for Trailer Axles

    £180 + VAT & Carriage / each

    A simple way of raising the axle with our axle lifting bracket for air-sprung axles of trailers or semitrailers. Allows raising of individual air-suspended axles in axle units with two or more axles and a frame width of up to 170 mm. The lifting bracket can be mounted quickly and the process allows the transport of the trailer with a puncture, wheel bearing damage etc. to the nearest garage or to the nearest parking area. Carrying out tyre or wheel bearing repairs on the road is not necessary. With this console, the trailer / semi-trailer can be moved out of the danger zone. Delivered as a set with 2 shackles, 20 connectors for the air lines and 2 blanking plugs. A product of the ProLux range.

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  • Thread Tapper 3-Piece Set

    £235 + VAT & Carriage

    Thread tapper for HGV towing lugs, 200 mm long with hexagonal shaft.

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  • Free-wheel Wheel Skate

    £165 + VAT & Carriage

    The free-wheel car skate allows vehicles with blocked parking lock to be pulled easily and quickly onto trailers or slidebeds. Just one skate under one drive wheel is required. No tools necessary other than a jack. High load bearing capacity, stable, roller-bearing wheels for easy rolling even when loading with hand winches. Also suitable for wide tyres up to 320 mm. Easy handling, low weight, compact outer dimensions and hot galvanising for long durability. A product of the ProLux range.

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