• Number Plate – 999 BOY


    Ideal plate for Police contractor – will suit any recovery vehicle. On retention.

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  • ProLux Spreader Bar BTA-A

    £700 + VAT & Carriage.

    Extendable aluminium spreader bar with 3000 kg rating. Can extend from 2 m to 3.3 m in three steps on each side. This makes damage-free lifting of wide vehicles possible. Two handles and only 22 kg weight allow easy handling. Delivered with shackles and round slings. **Wheel straps also available at extra cost** A product of the ProLux range. In stock now!

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  • ProLux Case of towing lugs

    £370 + VAT & Carriage.

    The ideal solution for vehicles with removable towing lugs. More and more vehicles of the new generation are equipped with removable towing lugs. This can cause problems during recovery operation if the towing lug cannot be found or is stored in the car boot underneath the luggage. Another problem is the quality of the original towing lugs as very often they cannot cope with the incurred forces.

    Our adapter hooks are made out of zinc-plated high-strength steel. The collapse load is tested up to 6 t. The adapter parts are ready for operation within seconds and secure to handle thanks to their snap-in function . With the enclosed list you will easily find the suitable towing lug for the vehicle to tow. A product from the ProLux range.

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  • Used Under-lift Equipment


    Under-lift equipment with twin Ramsey hydraulic winches, rear stiff legs, front legs etc. Requires refurbishment/breaking.

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  • 2017 Eastract Vehicle Handler


    Fitted with Briggs & Stratton 35hp petrol engine, full radio remote control etc. Available end of April. Finance packages available (subject to status).

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  • ProLux Safety helmet with visor

    £110 + VAT & Carriage.

    The perfect helmet for use in hazardous situations – during recovery work, by danger of falling parts and other dangerous work. Due to the head width, height and tilt regulation, as well as the inner padding, this industrial protective helmet is also comfortable to wear over a long period of time. The chin strap has a quick release fastener and a quick opening according to EN 397. Perfect visibility through scratch-resistant and fog-free visor. In addition, reflex applications also provide protection in the dark. Impact-resistant through polypropylene outer shell and inner shell made of HD polystyrene. All commercially available headlamps can also be fastened via light clips on the side. A product from the ProLux range.

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  • ProLux Reflective Work Gloves

    £5.50 + VAT & Carriage.
    Soft Nappa leather, extremely comfortable, and also safe due to neon orange and yellow applications.
    Elasticated, and with complete leather index finger. One size fits all.
    – super light and comfortable
    – increased safety thanks to reflective stripes
    – elastic on the back of the hand
    – palm and fingers reinforced with nappa leather for better wear protection
    A product of the ProLux range.
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  • ProLux Axle Cap Set with Spacer Rings and Washers

    £450 + VAT & Carriage.

    Complete set with a pair each of all of our axle caps, including pressure distributing washers and an oil collecting tray for the axle drive. Further development of our existing set. Axle caps also fit newer rear axles! A product of the ProLux range.

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  • ProLux Professional Tow Bar (up to 3500 kg)

    £310 + VAT & Carriage.
    Absolutely vital for your service vehicles. No-risk towing in car parks even for vehicles with spoiler or lowered suspension. Tow bar can comfortably pull up to 3.5 t. Patented hook-up system to avoid working underneath the car. Includes carry bag.
    – maintains constant distance
    – quick and simple attachment and detachment due to patented hook-in system
    – connection via towing eyes/trailer coupling
    – especially suitable for spoiled and lowered cars
    – easy to stow away as it can be dismantled
    – all components available separately as spare parts
    A product of the ProLux range.
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  • EV & Hybrid Isolation Storage Booth & Cooling Unit

    £15,995 + VAT.

    Introducing the FIREdown Hook Box built by Amtec. Ultra light unit – made from heavy grade lightweight steel. Allows safe storage of EV and Hybrid vehicles – floodable and water tight seal for safe retention of contaminated water. Vehicles can be loaded via the ramp or craned into the unit. Other uses include load clearance, loading parts from ‘chop shops’ etc. Finance packages available (subject to status).

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  • V12 TOW – Cherished Number Plate


    Currently on retention – all fees paid. Call Craig for more details on 07946 063758.

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  • ProLux Dolly Lane Lights (Set)

    £225 + VAT & Carriage.

    The magnetic dolly lane lights are the perfect addition to any towing dolly. The lane lights clearly indicate the vehicle width for all road users and provide better orientation for the driver when driving at night (e.g. when reversing or maneuvering). They are easy and flexible to attach with a magnet, and with at least six hours of light per battery charge, they are ideally suited for your use. A product of the ProLux range.

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